Contractor targets to finish more infrastructure projects

Cebu-based contractor Duros Development Corp. targets to complete P2 billion worth of construction projects this year, with focus on roads and other infrastructure projects.

Rafaelito A. Barino, Duros chairman, said this year’s construction goal is based on the increasing demand for infrastructure development, as well as the increased performance of their employees.

“We want to address rise in demand for not only construction of buildings, but most of all, for roads, highways, bridges and other horizontal developments,” Barino said during the 3rd State of the Duros Address last Friday.

Road construction and horizontal development will take up 60% of the target, while buildings and other projects will take up 40%.

Last year, Barino said they completed only 86 percent of their P1.7-billion target in terms of project cost.

“We have accomplished much this year. Even if we did not reach 100%, I know with our growing family here at Duros, the increased goal of P2 billion is not out of our reach,” he said.

The company built the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) Pavilion at no cost to the Archdiocese of Cebu.

“This was because we exerted extra effort in building the IEC Pavilion, which we managed to turn over to the Archdiocese earlier than the target date,” he said.

Barino assured that the backlog of projects would be accomplished this year, on top of the P2-billion goal.

“With this, we need the help of all our employees, who have done an excellent job in the past year. We need you to learn and develop your skills,” said Barino in Cebuano.

Skills development

In order to harness the skills of their labor force, Barino said the company will put up the Duros Academy this April.

Duros Academy will help their employees develop their skills, as well as offer opportunities to high school graduates to learn masonry, electrical wiring, handling heavy equipment and other construction-related skills.

“Duros Academy will help create a highly skilled workforce that is slowly becoming scarce. Also, we are able to create job security for these students, and help many of those who are unemployed in the province,” Barino added.

The academy will first be opened to Liloan and other neighboring towns with 50 students for the first three-month cycle.

Barino and wife Fe Mantuhac Barino said they hope to give back to the community through the academy. Another is through the Rafaelito and Fe Barino Foundation, which will get an annual budget of P2 million from Duros.

“We owe everything we have to the Cebuanos who have believed in us since the very beginning way back in 1990,” Fe Barino said in an interview with reporters.

The foundation will develop a scholarship program, medical missions and health and environmental programs for their community.

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