Historical Background

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DUROS DEVELOPMENT CORP. is a 100% owned Filipino family corporation that was incorporated in 1990. It is a spin-off from its mother company, SAN-VIC TRADERS, INC.

Both companies are run by the same Board of Directors, with Mr. Rafaelito A. Barino (married to Fe Mantuhac) as the President and Chairman of the Board. All other members of the board and officers belong to the Mantuhac family who are also holding important positions in the company.

The word “DUROS” is taken from the latin word “dura”, meaning strong, tough, durable. Its original office was located at Tipolo, Mandaue City until it transferred to its own property in Yati, Liloan, Cebu, where it is now conveniently located, in 1995. That same year, DUROS entered into a sub-contract with Dongsung Construction Co., Inc., a Korean firm that was tasked with the reconstruction of Cebu North Road Asphalting project from Consolacion to Danao City. This was the first road project of DUROS costing P60 Million.

DUROS imported its Asphalt Batching Plant and other paving equipment and machineries from Korea with the assistance of the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The Cebu North Road Project, a foreign-funded project, was an opportunity for DUROS to learn first-hand how to produce asphalt and undertake road construction of international standards. Learning from the expertise of foreign consultants gave DUROS an edge in producing quality asphalt and doing quality roadworks using modern paving technology.